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Factors that Affect Water Quality, and How We Can Help

Water Hardness:

Ground water is usually higher in mineral content than surface water in the very same area. This is due to the longer exposure to rock formations and since water is a universal solvent, it dissolves anything it comes in contact with. Water hardness is nothing more than dissolved limestone. Some of the signs of hard water are dry itchy skin, dry scalp, soap curd in the shower or tub, poor results with cleaning products, low or no suds, scaling in pipes, problems with any water using appliances or maybe a residue left behind on fixtures.

The installation of a Water Softener will solve all of these problems and more. The plumbing and fixtures represent approx. 15% of your home's value. In protecting this part of your investment, a water softener more than pays for itself.
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Iron in water can cause staining on your fixtures or in your laundry in quantities as small as .3 Parts Per Million. It can leave sludge and deposits in pressure tanks, pipes, hot water heaters, furnace coils, and other plumbing fixtures. The method we used to treat Iron depends on the concentrations that we find. In most cases, Iron can be treated using oxidation along with filtration.


The same method used in Iron removal can be applied to the removal of Manganese. Manganese however is much more difficult to oxidize than Iron. Approximately twice the amount of oxidizing agent will be required as is used when treating a similar amount of Iron.

Hydrogen Sulfide:

Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulphur is a gas that is sometimes found in water supply. One can tell that it is present due to its strong “rotten egg” odor. We can test for Sulphur using our portable lab and in doing so determine the best method to treat it.

In treating Hydrogen Sulfide we need to convert the gas into a solid and then filter it. For low to moderate concentrations of Sulphur a backwashing oxidation filter may be used, much the same way we would treat Iron. This type of filter is chemical-free and uses air as the oxidizing agent.

Acid Water:

Acid water is water with a low pH. pH indicates the intensity of a given water in terms of alkalinity or acidity. Acidity or Alkalinity is measured on a scale of 0-14. Seven, the mid point, is the measure of neutral water, neither acidic nor alkaline. Acidic water is very aggressive and will corrode anything it comes in contact with, in particular, copper pipe or lead solder. If your pH is below 7 it can be adjusted using an alkaline media of either calcite or magnesium oxide.

Any home built prior to 1986 was most likely plumbed using lead solder. Today the use of lead solder is illegal. Having a low pH can not only be a health hazard where lead and copper are concerned, but can also can cause damage to your plumbing and fixtures.


UV disinfection will provide water free of micro-organisms without the use of chemicals. A UV purifier employs a germicidal lamp that emits UV irradiation in a dose that is lethal to micro-organisms including bacteria, protozoa, viruses, molds, yeasts, fungi, nematode eggs, and algae. In order for UV disinfection to work effectively, the water should be clear, no excessive hardness, less than .3 ppm of Iron, and no Sulphur or Manganese. Pre-treatment is sometimes required.

In Conclusion:

Systems for Methane, Clay and other contaminants are designed on a case by case basis and are also treated with chemical-free methods. If you are experiencing these or any other problems with your water, let one of our technicians come to your home or business with a Portable Lab, analyze your water, and design a system to meet your needs and budget. The test is free, so take advantage of over 60 years of combined technical experience and call today!