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Hudson Valley Spring Water Co.

Hudson Valley Spring Water Co. is your local source for clear, clean, and naturally pure spring water. Our water is bottled at Berkshire Mountain Springs, which is located in Southwest Massachusetts. The bottling facility is located on 300 acres of privately owned land surrounded by property that is part of a land trust, making it an area safe from development.

The water comes from a natural spring located 800 feet above the bottling plant. Because the source of water is so high, gravity feeds the water into the plant where it is filtered for particulates, and then stored in a 25,000-gallon storage tank. The water leaves the storage tank and goes into the bottling room, where it mixes with ozone (concentrated oxygen) before it is bottled.

The spring water is never in contact with outside influences from the time it leaves the spring until the time it reaches your door.
Girl Drinking - Water Delivery and Treatment in Saugerties, NY

We offer:

  • 3 and 5 Gallon Bottles
  • 16.9 Oz. Flat and Sport Cap
  • Cooler Rentals
  • Crocks and Stands
  • Office Coffee Service - Fresh Ground Coffee, Right from the Roaster
  • Tea and Hot Chocolate
  • Additional Supplies
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